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Thailand slightly over thirty years ago, like many underdeveloped Countries, faced with industrial waste problems. Chaimethee Co., Ltd. (CMC) was established with main objective designed to handle Nylon and other plastic byproducts, under environmental concerns, expelled from local Plastic, Fishing Nets, Tyre Cord, Synthetic Textile, and Synthetic Garment Manufacturers. For over two decades CMC practiced the Superb Business Conduct Policy , we have becomes one of the best leading reprocessed plastic chips Supplier in Thailand.

As plastic waste materials posed environmental concerns over burying, dumping, and burning, during the time, many entrepreneurs including the founder of CMC was consulted for resolution on the pollution. From some time of researches and studies, Chaimethee Co., Ltd. (CMC) was established 1978.

Since then, CMC recycles Nylon and other plastic scraps and/or waste materials to reprocessed plastic resins for the local and export market. For over thirty years, CMC succeeded becoming one of the best major Nylon and other reprocessed plastics' Supplier, such as Nylon (PA 6, PA 6+FC 15-30%, PA 66), ABS, PP, PE, PVC, other engineering plastics etc.., to name a few, concentrating supplies to Small Medium Size Enterprises' (SMEs') needs in the Plastic Injection Industry both locally and abroad.

Three decades of superb business commitments, we have gained trust, reliability, and renowned as one of the best reprocessed plastic chips manufacturer in Thailand . “Best” was given to CMC entrusted by our clients through words of mouth endorsing the fame, “absolutely contamination free high quality reprocessed plastic chips only from Chaimethee Co., Ltd.(CMC)!” and the superb service we humbly serve our associates.
Sources for the plastic waste materials are carefully evaluated constantly by the concerned Management. Procured plastic waste materials are under strict supervision by the concerning staff ensuring only the best quality inputs are reprocessed to achieve the highest quality output. Entering CMC Reprocessing Plant, all procured plastic waste materials must pass the Input Quality and Type Check (IQTC). Approved IQTC inputs progresses to a tighter control Input-Type Identification Procedures (I-TIP). I-TIP is implemented to label waste materials by specific typing of plastic materials for separate storage before scheduled reprocessing

Chaimethee Co., Ltd.
142 Moo 6 Soi Watkusang Susawad Rd.
Prasamutjadee, Smutprakarn 10290 THAILAND
TEL: 662-816-0813~4 FAX: 662-461-1803
[email protected]

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  • Chaimethee Co., Ltd.
  • 234/83 M. 1 Soi Watkusang Suawad Rd.
    Prasamutjadee, Samutprakarn
  • 10290
  • 66-2-8160814
  • 66-2-4611803
  • Swiss Jiramethee (Manager)
  • 661 172 3626

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